Massage for busy Mums & Dads

Need a massage but find it hard to get to an appointment because you have one (or more) mini-mes at home?
Never fear! I work around you and your needs, as well as the needs of your children at home. One of the benefits of my mobile massage service is the flexibility around your children - they might be having a nap, watching a movie, colouring-in, etc while you get your massage.
For those of you with young babies, my massage can be adapted so you can feed or cuddle your baby mid massage if need be (both breast and bottle feeding can be accommodated for). 
From $100

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 Facebook review

I loved my massage today. Naomi was so flexible and understanding and made me feel so relaxed. She was caring and professional and worked around my 2 little ones whilst I still felt like I was being cared for. Cant wait for my next appointment.


Facebook review

Utterly brilliant, professional, and understanding. Exactly what I needed, and I could nurse my bub during the massage. If you want a massage in your home: look no further because there's no one better.