Oncology Massage

Oncology massage is a specialised form of gentle, safe massage. It is designed to improve the quality of life for people being treated for and/or living with cancer. It assists in alleviating symptoms and reducing side effects such as pain, fatigue, anxiety and nausea. 
The massage is adapted to suit an individual's unique requirements that often occur whilst undergoing various treatments for cancer. This massage can occur on my massage table, or in the client's armchair, or their bed or anywhere else suitable for the client's needs. 
Private health insurance rebates may be available, contact me or check with your fund to see if they recognise mobile remedial massage treatments.
In addition to my Diploma of Remedial Massage I have also completed module ones and two in Oncology Massage with Oncology Massage Ltd, and am listed as a prefered therapist on their National Massage Therapist Register
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Oncology Massage FAQ

Q What are the benefits of Oncology Massage?

Oncology Massage is not about fixing or curing. It can, however, help to reduce side effects such as pain, fatigue, anxiety and nausea. This gentle, nurturing massage style triggers the Relaxation Response which allows the body to return to its natural homeostatic resting state. 

Can I have Oncology Massage during my treatment?

Yes! You can safely receive Oncology Massage at any stage during your cancer treatment. Certain adjustments or precautions may need to be taken into account - for example, gloving straight after your chemotherapy infusion, or avoiding the area that has just received radiotherapy or surgery. I will discuss all of these with you during your appointment. I always take a detailed medical history including current diagnosis, treatment and symptoms. You are very welcome to contact me to chat about this further. 

Q I really like firm massages. Can I still have them?

A Certain changes happen in your body during and post-treatment for cancer. Sometimes there are long-term side effects such as CIPN (Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy), or you may have had lymph nodes removed which leaves you at risk of lymphoedema. Heavy pressure during a massage for any of these conditions can have an adverse effect on your health. I will adjust the massage pressure to a level that will not make your current symptoms worse and to take care of your current level of wellness.

Are Oncology Massage therapists different from other massage therapists?

Yes! Oncology Massage therapists have been trained by Oncology Massage Ltd to use specific, gentle therapeutic techniques. We also understand issues related to cancer treatment such as infection risks, CIPN (Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy) skin sensitivity from radiotherapy, insomnia, breathlessness, nausea and more, and know how to adapt their massage to suit the individual. 

Is Oncology Massage suitable for people confined to their homes or beds?

Yes! Oncology massage is a gentle form of massage that is perfectly suited to people confined to their homes or beds, especially when I bring the massage to their home, hospital or care facility. I tailor the massage to my client's individual needs.